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  A parents comment: Best tuition price, best ratios, best teachers balanced curriculum, exceptional reputation. Discounts are available for children and grandchildren of; King of Glory members, active military service people and teachers



                              OUR CHURCH

   We pray that everyone will find their own path to God whether with this Church or elsewhere.  Each of us is following our own path, and we believe that the path is illuminated by God's light.  We are guided toward the light by the gentle hand of the Holy Spirit.  We recognize that there are those of good faith within our midst who are responding to God’s call outside our particular church and our particular denomination.

    We believe that everybody will stray from the path.  This is because we are humans, are not perfect and have free will and can choose paths that are not in concert with God's path.  When we stray from God’s path, we pray for enlightenment and guidance back to the path.  We believe that God sent Jesus as an incarnate Shepherd and Messiah to guide us back to the path and care for us when we stray.  We believe that we will be forgiven for straying, having been already redeemed by Jesus.

   We are a small Church and at our services, many of us personally feel an intimate Holy presence.  We welcome and hope to promote diversity.  Many of us have found our calling as engineers, teachers, health care professionals and community servants.  A surprising number of members have become pastors.  We hope that you will come and join us and follow God on the path.  This community is really special.  We hope you will feel the same.

When we gather each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM to worship at King of Glory, we begin by confessing our sins to our Lord and receiving his mercy and forgiveness.  Our worship service continues with hymns, prayers, Bible readings, and communion each week in concert with the ELCA liturgy.  Sacred music is an important part of our service.  Except for the sermon, most of the service is expressed through music.  The music is in harmony with the theme of the Bible readings and sermon. We are blessed with Carol Browning, our Music Director and Keyboardist, who leads the choir and congregation. 

King of Glory Lutheran Pre-School provides a developmental approach to learning in a Christian environment. Our children thrive as they experience our excellent teachers, facilities and weekly chapel.

We would love to have you visit and to get to know you.


Pastor Steve Simpson

Sunday service 9:30 AM

2500 Borchard Road

Newbury Park, CA 91320



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2015 Church Council

Walt Chandler     ( President)

Sue Premo        (Vice President)

Richard O'neil    (Secretary)

Ed Carloni

Melody Faltin

Mike Knudson

Karle Koerbling

Sue Meser